Our Story

We are Konstantinos and Nikolas, 2 friends that came in London from Greece in 2016. When we first moved in the UK, we were very disappointed with the Greek cuisine offerings we found here. We were looking for good Greek food and more specifically, our nation’s favorite Souvlaki wraps, our famous “Gyros” or our traditional BBQs with our famous kontosouvli without much success. That was the reason we decided to start The Greek Way at the beginning of 2017 in order to offer people in London what we call as “The Greek Way” food experience.

But what is The Greek Way?

The Greek Way means beautiful colors inspired from the Greek culture and history. It means breathtaking smells for our vast variety of herbs and fresh products from both the Greek mainland and our magnificent islands. And finally, it means great taste, as Greeks are famous for their unique cuisine, one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world.

Our team holds firms to these core values and we will continue to focus on our target: To bring the colors, smells and tastes of Greece in London and show the people “The Greek Way”

Our commitment to quality runs throughout the company, from our selection of suppliers to the very end product. We personally prepare our tzatziki sauce which is a unique recipe that Kostas, our co-founder and head chef prepares. Our burgers are secret family recipes that were kept unchanged during the years. Our meat is fresh and carefully selected in order to match the highest standard of quality. All our dishes for your corporate events, your private birthdays or your wedding are chosen to make your event unique and memorable. Our BBQs will guide you all the way to Greece and its traditions. And finally, our favorite “Gyros” is handmade, prepared by us even in front of you if requested for your event.

The Greek Way can guarantee a professional, efficient and above all, friendly service, the way the Greek food is meant to be served: with a smile.